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Agree Academy launched

Agree Academy, which has been set up to replicate the benefits and results of the project, is organising sessions for all the stakeholders involved in the energy retrofitting of housing.

The Agree – Horizon 2020 project has been a driving force for the energy retrofitting of housing built between 1940 and 1980. The focus has been on applying its sustainable and innovative approach by means of aggregating demand, assessment methodologies, better governance and financing solutions.

The consortium has launched Agree Academy, which is organising different participatory workshops for technicians, the general public and knowledge brokers, along with the private sector, in order to maximise its impact and for its benefits and deliverables to be extended to European and local authorities.

The chosen themes are directly linked to the innovative approach proposed by Agree for a more effective and efficient energy retrofitting of housing.

On the one hand, it will look at triggering and aggregating demand, based on an integrated approach including energy efficiency, along with liveability and accessibility.

On the other hand, financing solutions will be considered for that part of the population that is traditionally excluded and to untap the energy retrofitting of their homes.

The last area is improving governance by means of residents being involved with the other stakeholders in the whole process.

Agree Academy consists of a series of workshops involving peer learning, with presentations and work dynamics in the following areas, and lasting approximately three hours:

  • Methodology to drive the replication of the assessment and the prioritising of the residential refurbishment actions.
  • Formulas to trigger and aggregate demand for housing energy retrofitting.
  • Tailored financing solutions to untap housing energy retrofitting.
  • Better governance of the refurbishment processes.
  • Lessons learnt from the Action Plan.

The content, dates and locations of the different events, which will be held in the first half of 2023, will be organised according to the interest in and demand for the different areas.

You can select your areas of interest using the following link.  Chose all the sessions in which you are interested.

Information and Registration: AGREE ACADEMY

AGREE Academy is thus aiming, first, to improve the prioritisation of the residential refurbishment interventions with high energy savings potential, taking into account the profile of their residents and the construction similarities. The second goal is to disseminate a package of proposals related to the key elements cited to drive energy retrofitting.