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Grants for Housing and Building Renovation Published in the BOPV

The publication of this grant order in the BOPV (Official Gazette of the Basque Country) is a definitive step towards the energy renovation of housing.

The ORDER of 21 June 2022, of the Regional Minister of Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport, sets out the bases and regulates the public call for applications for grants for Programmes 3, grants for building renovation; 4, grants for housing renovation; and 5, grants to prepare the existing building logbook for renovation and to draft its projects, in the field of renovation of residential buildings and social housing to boost energy efficiency.

The regional government’s housing department has published a website with all the information:

The Next Generation EU fundscreated by the European Union to tackle the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, are one of the assets for the implementation of component 2 of Spain’s National Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience (PRTR), which establishes the “Housing Renovation and Urban Regeneration Plan”, where one of the main goals is to promote the renovation of the country’s building stock.

Component 2 establishes a set of reforms and investments regulated by Royal Decree 853/2021 which will foster progress in the field of renovation of residential buildings and social housing through the development of 6 grant programmes that become a reality in the Basque Country through the management of the Basque Government.

The grants are non-repayable and include additional funding for vulnerable situations. In any case, these support measures are aimed solely and exclusively at actions that improve the energy efficiency of the housing and buildings where the renovation work will take place.