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Bidebi presents Agree to Hernán Cortes residents

The event, attended by Pedro Rodríguez Toyos from Bidebi and representatives of the H+G architecture firm, was held at the “Taberna Mayor”, Basauri’s former town hall that opened as a cultural centre in 2011.

After the introduction by the Bidebi representative, the team of architects went on to provide the technical explanations. They detailed the current situation of the majority of the buildings, with a G energy rating, and the different steps to be taken to improve that rating.

Thus, they outlined the different measures to be implemented, such as improving the envelope with insulations panels and changing the windows to make the buildings more energy efficient. More efficient boilers will also be installed to improve use and obtain energy from renewable sources.

During the meeting that had attracted a large group of local residents, neighbourhood associations and property administrators, they were able to also address queries and questions about material and technical solutions, grants available and Bidebi’s assistance and public service role.

The different possible accessibility solutions for the different types of buildings were also specifically considered during the meeting.

As the H+G team outlined, the lifts have been located at the front or back of the building, according to the characteristics and location of the property.  In each case, one or other type is chosen depending on where the doorway, the size of the staircase, or the need to take up part of the pavement.

During the last part of the meeting, Pedro Rodríguez Toyos described the different grants available and how the arrival of the European Next Generation funds will affect these aspects.

Given the complexity of elaborating on grants where many variables come into play, the Bidebi manager recalled the Bidebi’s public service vocation and that the local residents were entitled to receive advice in these different areas.

He also pointed out that they can request credits for the non-subsidised amounts at favourable terms, thanks to the agreements signed with different financial institutions.

Bidebi Basauri is also available to deal with the queries of the local residents concerned at its offices (Lehendakari Aguirre 61. Telephone: 946 073 021, by prior appointment.