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Agree Project presented to the residents of the Federico Mayo neighbourhood in Basauri

Basauri Council’s Bidebi Basauri recently presented the Agree Project to the local residents and home owners’ associations of the town’s Federico Mayo neighbourhood. The project, with EU Next Generation funding, seeks to drive the retrofitting of housing to improve energy efficiency and accessibility.

The in-person sessions were held at the plenary room at Basauri Town Hall on 23, 24 and 29 November. The aim was to consider the specific situations of each zone of the neighbourhood and the team that wrote the study on the renovation of the different buildings was present at the meetings.

Importantly, meetings were held with local property administrators and neighbourhood associations. Specifically, tailored meetings with three home owners’ associations interested in retrofitting works were held in November.

AGREE seeks to drive investments to improve the energy efficiency of private housing in the Basque Country. It is implementing innovative solutions in three pilot projects, using innovative mechanisms to trigger and aggregate demand, better governance and customised financing solutions. Approximately €8.5 million are being invested and emissions will be cut by 250 tons of CO2eq/year by 2022.

The home owners’ associations interested in taking part in the European project should call 943 413922 and they will receive information on the results of these studies, on the grants available and other relevant aspects.