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The AGREE project initiatives featured during the seminar on regeneration in the Basque Country, organised by Europe’s Intensify project

The European Intensify project is an initiative to reduce carbon emissions by empowering local communities. On 2 July it organised a remote seminar on the subject of energy efficiency initiatives in this city, which was the European Green Capital in 2012. Efficient buildings and homes that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions are at the core of this European project.

The online seminar, entitled “Basque urban regeneration – Committed to the Community”, underlined the importance of bringing affected communities on board to guarantee the success of rehabilitation initiatives. Olatz Nicolas, from Tecnalia’s Construction Technologies division, talked about AGREE’s activities in this regard and explained how the buildings participating in AGREE in Vitoria-Gasteiz were selected. She underlined the importance of aggregation to encourage investment in modernisation to improve energy efficiency in these residential buildings. The speaker explained the mechanisms developed and implemented to trigger demand and aggregation, such as innovative customised financial solutions offered through the AGREE project.

As well as Olatz Nicolas, Alberto Ortiz de Elgea (VISESA) took part in the seminar, and explained his experiences with co-ownership associations in the Coronación neighbourhood of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Joserra López (EVE) also explained the Opengela project to create local one-stop-shop offices in the district.