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Urban planning companies put the Agree preliminary studies and blueprints out to tender

The results of the studies put out to tender are expected to be available in spring 2021.

The urban planning companies in the Agree project have published the different specifications for the tendering of the preliminary studies and technical blueprint, to be carried out in this phase. Thus, Bidebi in Basauri, Ensanche XXI in Vitoria and Donostiako Etxegintza will make the different proposed solutions and an estimate of their costs available to the residents.

The Agree project seeks to improve the quality of life of the residents by means of energy savings and better accessibility, by boosting investment in the selected residential buildings.

Adurtza and San Cristóbal in Vitoria-Gasteiz; Federico Mayo in Basauri and a set of buildings in Los Luises, Gaztelu and Paseo Zarategi in Donostia-San Sebastián will foreseeably have the results of the tendered studies in spring 2021. They will thus be in a stronger position to embark on the rehabilitation of the thermal envelope of the buildings and their accessibility.

Full information on the different tendering processes is published on the Basque Country’s public procurement platform:

Donostia-San Sebastián:



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